Feedback of Participants Batch 1 of पढ़ना-लिखना


(An Online Course in initial Reading and Writing)

Feedback of Participants Batch 1

We have just completed the first batch of our online course “पढ़ना-लिखना”. At the end of the course participants feedback was collected through a Google Form. The feedback was taken on 10 simple questions, on scale 1 to 3. General idea behind the scale was 1 for minimum of quality or least appropriate, expressed in appropriate terms for the aspect of the course to which the questions were related; similarly, 2 for satisfactory and 3 for highest. Some highlights are given in the table below.

SN.QuestionsQuestions in short Participants’ Rating % 
1How well could you understand the sessions?Undrsding.      92                 8       –  
2How useful do you consider the course?Usefulness      92                 8       –  
3How much of the course content was new for you?New      70                27        3
4How much opportunity was available for asking questions?Oprtnty. for Qs      81                19       –  
5How clear and relevant were the answers?Clrty. & Rlvnce. of As      62                38       –  
6How difficult was the language of Handouts?Ease of Hndts. Lang.      51                38       –  
7How clear were the instructions given for activities?Clrty. of Intrcts.      65                35       –  
8Can the activities you did in the course be used with children in class?Usflnss. of actvts.      97                 3       –  
9Satisfaction with feedback given on your submitted work?Stsfctn. on Fdback.      49                51       –  

More details here.

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