Democracy and hope

Rohit Dhankar

Democracy is about living together. Living together with mutual respect, dignity, freedom, and constantly striving for more just and more equitable society. Democracy is about expanding your consciousness to encompass all humanity.

Evil in democracy is that which denies dignity, equality, justice and voice to the other. The other might be your brother/sister. The other might be your ideological opponent. Denying equality, justice, freedom and voice even to your opponent is evil in democracy.

Democracy is about trust in people. People may make mistakes, they may come to conclusions one considers faulty, wrong, and even evil. Democracy is about listening to that voice which you consider wrong. It is about opening a dialogue with that voice while keeping trust in your own judgment. It is about making whole hearted attempt to understand root causes of people coming to a conclusion you consider wrong. And then opening a dialogue to weed out the wrong; whether in you or in your opponent.

Democracy is about fighting evil with non-violent means; with power of ideas, within the means provided and norms set by the constitution.

There are four evils (evil not in a religious sense, but as defined above) very prominently visible in our democracy: sectarian and casteist politics, anti-people economy, dynastic rule and corruption.

People with strong biases against sections of people are likely to come to power within next 12 hours. People with anti-people economic ideology are coming to power. People with servile attitude to dynasty are likely to be defeated. Corruption is likely to thrive as it has been doing so far.

Our best hope is to mitigate biases so that they do not effect national life. To push economy to pro-people as much as possible. Let’s hope that there shall be enough parliamentary power and alertness on the part of people to stop the sectarian evil, even if it is in power. Let’s hope that some spineless creature so far working under dynastic yoke sees light and gets courage to throw the yoke to ground; becomes a genuine human being and buries the dynasty.

These are bad times. The best thing that can happen to Indian democracy is that BJP led NDA is forced to remain secular and non-sectarian. And that the Congress gets courage to retire the dynasty finally.

Alas, all this seems to be hoping against the hope. And still, people who like democracy have to brace for a long fight ahead.

2 Responses to Democracy and hope

  1. Dear Rohitji
    As expected majority of the people decided for NDA. It happened in history. Once the earth was the centre of this universe. Rational human being worked and proved it was wrong. Yes..! they ‘manufactured consent’ on ‘growth’ as development. Am sure all of us are already prepared for a long fight.


  2. Aruna says:

    good opportunity for thinking people to think harder and harder for safe guarding democracy. Its the only bleak hope left. looking upto all the thinking beings with deep faith. i will personally start with understanding constitution of India better and keep alert for the days to come about the development mania. Wont be able to do much, but at least will not stop thinking.


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