Bhola meets Hindu god and Shivaji

Rohit Dhankar

Bhola read in newspapers that pictures of some Hindu gods, Shivaji and Bal Thakeray were morphed and uploaded on Facebook by a Hindu boy named Nihal Tikone. Media did not say what was there in the pictures that so enraged some Hindu mobs to attack public property and people. One Muslim youth who had nothing to do either with morphing and uploading was killed, according to media in connection with the rage produced in bhakta’s of gods, Shivaji and Thackeray. Bhola decide to go to swarga and meet gods, Shivaji and Thackeray to understand the issue.

At the huge gets of swarga Bhola was stopped by a Dawarapaal (DP): who are you?

Bhola: I am Bhola. And want to enter swaraga.

DP: Bhola who? And why do you want to enter?

Bhola: Bhola Bhola from the earth. I don’t understand many things going on these days in a country called India on earth, so came to talk to a few people who are supposed to be in swarga.

With a lot of reluctance and haggling the DP allowed Bhola to go in on a temporary pass for a few hours. But not without trying to extract some bribe. Fortunately Bhola had nothing wich could be of any use to the DP and his superiors so after a disdainful look, the DP let him go.

After a bit of searching Bhola encountered one of the gods whose picture was morphed. The god being antaryami already knew the purpose of Bhola’s visit.

Bhola: Prabhu, are you angry that some people morphed and uploaded on FB one of your pictures?

God: What picture? I have none, you cannot make a picture of me, and no technology can either morph or unload something that does not exist.

Bhola: But I have seen lots of pictures of you hanging on pan-ki-dukaans and people’s houses?

God: Not mine, may be some humans painted from their imagination, nothing to do with me.

Bhola: So you are not angry about this morphing and uploading.

God: No, why should I be? The people who are painting me from their imagination are already indulging in similar activity. And don’t you know I have no anger in me, only love for all.

Bhola: Then why are your bhaktas on earth are angry, burned property and killed one person?

God: Must be deluded and under the influence of agyan. Will pay for their karmas.

Bhola: You mean they will not earn entry to swarga by this hooliganism?

God: Certainly not. They may earn entry to some other place through.

Bhola: But they are sullying your name on earth, why don’t you stop them?

God: My name cannot be sullied by the acts of some agyanis. And I cannot interfere in their free choice. (Then the god suddenly went antardhaan.)

Bhola quite puzzled and dissatisfied with the god’s responses started looking for Shivaji. He found Shivaji sitting under a kalpa-vriksha watching some apsharas dancing. Bhola thought Shivaji looked like Indra; and was mesmerised by the combined effect of spectacles of Shivaji and apsharas.

Shivaji beckoned Bhola, and asked: What do you want?

Bhola: Maharaj, do you know some pictures of yours were distorted and uploaded on FB?

Shivaji: Yes, I heard it from some swarga-media persons, but it was not much of a news in here; we all keep morphing here. (As he said this Shivaji started looking like an ordinary Maharashrian farmer. And winked at Bhola.)

Bhola: Are you angry that your pictures were morphed on earth?

Shivaji: No, I am no more concerned with what happens on earth. I did my karmas when I was there, what the present baddha-atmas do is not my concern.

Bhola: But your bhaktas on earth, particularly in Maharasthra, indulge in violence quite often over some or other supposed slur on you?

Shivaji: They are agyanis, no mratya-lok prani can insult me or enhance my honour. I am beyond all that.

Bhola: But will thins bhakti for you earn any merit for them?

Shivaji: This is not my concern, there are other officials in swarga who decide that. But as far as I know violence on innocent people will only earn bad karmas for them.

Bhola was even more puzzled by this disconnect between the god and Shivaji on one hand and their so-called bhaktas on the other. He thought Bal Thackeray may help, as he may have a better connect with the bhaktas on earth. So started looking for him.

Bhola searched for hours but could not find Thackeray. Finally he went to the information office. After spending a considerable time in reaching in records the Information Officer said: There is no Bal Thackeray in the swarga. Never came here.

Bhola: Please look again. A gentle man from Mumbai, who liked to keep one rudraksha maala around his neck and sometimes another in his hand; looked like a Hindu vanaprasthi.

The IO obliged and again spent considerable time but the answer was the same: NO, no Bal Thackeray ever came here.

Bhola’s allotted time was over and he had to come to earth. Is still wondering where did Bal Thackeray go? What happened to him? May be his followers will find him wherever he might be, and finally join him. That might be the real connect and their hooliganism might be approved by Thackeray, as it is not approved either by the god or Shivaji.

2 Responses to Bhola meets Hindu god and Shivaji

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bhola have Idea: Basically if initial education is correct with humanity and +ve things etc etc. then this hooliganism will not occur and no one morphing the things…. So we have to focus on EDUCATION…!

    Adnan Buland Khan


  2. Dharmender says:

    Rohit Ji,

    Very interesting heavenly conversations between Bhola, God and Shivaji. This entire post reminds me of a joke. With your kind permission am sharing the same here…..

    “There was a priest who got into a car wreck and died. At the pearly gates there was a long line in front of the priest and the person right in front of the priest was the taxi driver.

    When the taxi driver was the next person in line, Saint Peter takes one look at him and gives him a silk robe and a golden staff and sends him into heaven.

    Then Saint Peter looks at the Priest and hands him a cotton robe and a wooden staff and sends him into heaven.

    The Priest was perplexed and asked Saint Peter,”He why did the taxi driver get all of the fancy stuff while I get this cheap stuff.” Then Saint Peter calmly said,”When you were preaching people were sleeping, and when the Taxi driver was driving people were praying.”


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