For more openness in teacher education

Rohit Dhankar

2 Responses to For more openness in teacher education

  1. Anonymous says:

    This refers to the article, “For more openness in teacher education” (June 23). The travails of education in India start from the fact that we do not treat teaching as the most important profession; it is from this sole profession that all other professions emerge. If you analyse the success stories of those countries that benchmark their standing in education, one can see how education has been given the highest priority. In Finland, only the top 10 per cent of university graduates are permitted to join teacher education courses. Even then, the government grants those students 60 per cent of what they would earn in future. All major political parties give their consensus to any major change in educational policy. In India on the other hand, teaching appears to the last resort of job-seeking youth.

    M.C. Sebastian,


  2. Anonymous says:

    The writer has failed to present the essential points in a simple and fair manner. The submission of those who want the essential requirement of a Master’s degree in education for assistant professorship in teacher education to be continued is based on sound arguments. Indeed, almost all areas claiming to be disciplines require similar academic qualifications for appointments at corresponding levels. Otherwise, if a postgraduate degree in education is done away with as a key requirement for teacher education, not only would it amount to a denial of the disciplinary nature of education, but it would also increase the possibility of arbitrary recruitments. The argument to maintain current qualification norms is in no way ranged against the intellectual enriching and broadening of teacher education as the formal option/practice of appointing persons from different academic backgrounds as senior professors in faculties of education exists.

    Firoz Ahmad


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