Beyond the Oxymoronic Idea of No-detention Policy

Rohit Dhankar

(EPW 25th March 2017)

The periodic debates on continuous and comprehensive evaluation and no-detention policy in media are completely futile, given the current class-wise structure of schools and curricula. As a result, elementary education gets defined by the number of years spent in school. The examination system thwarts all attempts at bringing reforms in pedagogy, curriculum and textbooks. Therefore, discarding both examinations and detention is necessary, and an alternative imagination of schools and curriculum organisation is imperative for the success of educational reforms.

Rohit_Dhankar_Beyond no-detention

2 Responses to Beyond the Oxymoronic Idea of No-detention Policy

  1. Jagriti Singh says:

    Sure….The schooling system needs to be re structured on these particular lines….With state run schools leading in such flexible practices based on learning outcomes and not class wise or grade wise grouping of children.


  2. […] Those who are interested in details of how such a school and curriculum can be organized can read here […]


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