Babri Masjid and Citizenship Amendment Bill

Rohit Dhankar

Babri Masjid

On this day of 6th December 1992, a grave crime against secularism (and therefore, against democracy) was committed by a mob organised and instigated by some powerful people of Bharatiy Janata Party (BJP). The crime was demolition of a centuries old mosque, called Babri Masjid, in Ayodhya. This demolition happened in the face of assurance given by the central government and the state government of that time. This was breach of trust of Indian citizens in general and Muslims in particular.

The perpetrators and instigators of this crime are still unpunished. The Supreme Court since then has awarded the land on which Babri Masjid stood to Hindu parties. It seems to me that the Muslim parties had established their possession on the inner courtyard of the said masjid and therefore, they too had a right to part of this land.

I am also convinced that the Babri Masjid was almost certainly built on the site of a demolished temple of earlier times. I came to this conclusion after reading the SC judgment very carefully and referring to some books and material mentioned therein. Neither the SC not Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) say it clearly, but they also do not deny the possibility. No historian of repute accepts what I am saying. But the ASI report, age old attempts of Hindus to continue worship there and the fact that it is situated in an area which has many old and destroyed temples convinces me that it was built on a temple.

However, since we are a secular democracy since 26th January 1950 and a free country since 15th August 1947, we should have accepted what was there on that land on 15th August 1947. And that was Babri Masjid. Therefore, (1) part of the land should have gone to the Muslim parties, (2) those who demolished the Masjid and aided in this dastardly act should be punished. Irrespective of the SC judgment.


Citizenship Amendment Bill (CAB)

I have written a blog on this yesterday.

It seems most liberals consider CAB an attack on the soul of secular India. I think they are mistaken or taking a deliberately wrong stand out of ideological commitments.

Anyone who pays attention to the following, it seems to me, will come to the conclusion that CAB is an attempt to help oppressed minorities in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan and simultaneously to safeguard national security.

Points to note:

  1. People who migrated to territory of what is now Pakistan after partition did not acquire citizenship of free India.
  2. People who remained in the Pakistani territory after a certain date also lost the opportunity to acquire the same.
  3. Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan are Muslim majority states and Islamic theocratic states. Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Parsis and Christians are persecuted minorities there, with lesser rights than Muslims. (I am not sure of Bangladesh, regarding constitutionally lesser rights, will check.)
  4. The history of these countries tells us that minorities are oppressed there. Liberals are very reluctant to admit that minorities are persecuted or not given equal rights in most of Muslim majority countries. However, it is true.
  5. As per the Citizenship Act 1955 any one, including Muslims, from any country can become an Indian citizen after following due procedure. This is the main act. The CAB is not restricting that part of the act.
  6. The CAB is providing facility for accelerated citizenship only for the oppressed minorities in these three intolerant countries.
  7. This is not on the basis of religion; it is on the basis of persecution. Because the procedure of naturalisation for all other countries and all religions remains the same as stated in Citizenship Act 1955.
  8. It is necessary because lakhs of such oppressed people are living in India for decades without citizenship rights. Those who are opposing the bill are turning a blind eye to these miserable people.
  9. The facility of accelerated citizenship can not be extended to Muslims from the three mentioned countries because they are not oppressed there for their religion. And two of these countries are created because Muslims wanted that.
  10. It also can not be extended to Muslims because lakhs (some estimates say more than a crore) Bangladeshi Muslims have crossed the boarder and living in India illegally. They did not come here because of any persecution, are illegal and have changed demography in many areas. They cannot be given Indian citizenship.
  11. Therefore, the bill is on the basis of persecution, is not anti-secularism and not unjust to Muslims.
  12. Liberals as well as Muslims should recognise that Islamic supremacy operates in Muslim majority countries in an open and unabashed manner. Where Muslims are in minority this Islamic supremacy changes into an ‘Aggressive Victimhood Card’(AVC). Sensible Muslims and liberals should avoid this trap.
  13. The CAB does not victimise Indian Muslims in any way. They should stop playing this AVC.

If any part of this post offends anyone please see the logic. Avoid name-calling, I am open to sensible arguments. And always admit a possibility of mistake (human error) in facts and/or argument.

Calling people Sicular, Libratard, Bhakta etc expresses an undeserved superiority or stupefy. This actually is a form of stupidity/lack of confidence generated by frustration of not finding good arguments to counter. Counter the arguments if you happen to possess any intellect. Name calling will show you to be an idiot. 😊


6th December 2019






One Response to Babri Masjid and Citizenship Amendment Bill

  1. Sumit says:

    But if the idea is to help persecuted minorities then why only choose that on the basis of religion? I am sure there must be persecuted minorities based on other factors in these countries too, no?


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