Foundations of Education Programme

This post is to communicate some information about a Digantar programme. Links for downloading the brochure and report of the last year are given at the end.

Please read both.

The programme is not terribly popular, but those who have attended always find it very useful.

It is costly but since we have to make it self sustaining we have no choice.

It is neither spectacular nor colourful; keeps concentration on clear and critical thinking on educational theory and practice. Enjoyment comes from grasping ideas and logic; not from catchy phrases and ready-made so-called take homes.

Recommended for organizations working in the field as well as for individuals who want to participate in rigorous dialogue on education.

It is taught, often looks dull but pays in terms of understanding.

Those who are looking for easy capsules to improve education will be disappointed; this is an invitation only to those who are serious regarding education and can take pain in understanding it.

I request all the participants in the past batches to comment about their experiences candidly, share this post as widely as possible and encourage people and organisations to send participants.

Dates given in the brochure for Hindi and English batches may have to be re-scheduled depending on participants convenience; but we will stick to the announced dates as far as possible.


For REPORT click here Digantar_FOE2019

For BROCHURE click here Report FOEBrochure2020.

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