A Muslim youth lost life for communal tension

Rohit Dhankar

A youth named Sameer Shahpur was killed on 17th January according to reports in various news papers. According to reports there seem to have been a running tension since November 21 when it is alleged there was an altercation between some Hindus and Muslims. There are allegations and counter allegations from both sides. Most of the reports state that there have been multiple attacks or harrasments of Muslim communbity members by some Hindu organizations. Names of RSS, Bajarang Dal and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parshad are mentioned.

None of the reports go into the details of how the whole thing started. The Hindu writes that “Trouble began five days ago in Nargund following an altercation between two groups. Police filed two cases against 75 persons, including some Bajrang Dal members and some Muslim youth who were charged with insulting Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.” So this time is in the name of Lord Ram and Lord Krishna.

The News Minute states that according to the the SP said.“The incident comes after a series of communal altercations in Nargund. Speaking to TNM, the Gadag SP Shiv Prakash Devaraju said that the conflict goes back to November 2021 when one of the accused men was attacked by a group of Muslim men. “This is the third altercation since November. We made arrests in the first case and booked the men under section 307 (attempt to murder) of the IPC. Though Sameer and Shamsher were present in this altercation, they were not directly involved”.

A report seem to have been prepared by some fact finding committee, which alleges the whole tension to deliberate incitement of hatred by Bajarang Dal etc, without any reference (as per the version briefed in given here https://thecognate.com/targeted-violence-against-muslims-fuelled-by-hate-speeches-fact-finding-report-on-gadag-youth-murder-documents-multiple-such-assaults/) to any previous altercation or alleged insult to Ram and Krishna.

It is very difficult to find out the actual sequence of events and real trigger. But the increasing animosity, distrust and ill-will between the who communities involved in this incident is clear enough. In such a situation any small incident or altercation between people belonging to two communities can ignite the flame of hate and violence.

Religion invariably comes up either as a trigger or as an explanation. We as a society need to reflect calmly, rationally and impartially on these incidents, and try to find a remedy and soon, before it is too late. Or is it already too late?


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