A self-study course for Learning English Language

January 3, 2016

Course instructor: Rohit Dhankar

This course is constructed on the basis of some experiences of children and youth learning English. Based completely on common sense; no language learning theories are consciously used.

If you do not understand these instructions, take help from a friend but understand this note thoroughly.

Admission criteria

  1. Anyone who wants to try.

Course material

Reading material

  1. Aesop’s Fables: First 30 fables. [1 week] Reading 1_Aesop FABLES_First 30
  2. Panchatantra: Complete as given here. [5 weeks] Reading 2_The-great-panchatantra-tales_Complete
  3. Sherlock Holms: all that is given here. [3 weeks] Reading 3_Sherlock Holmes_any 3 stories
  4. Siddhartha: Complete. [6 weeks] Reading 4_Siddhartha_Complete
  5. Ramayana by Aubrey Menen: Complete [9 weeks] Reading 5_The Ramayana as told_Aubrey Menen

Resource Material

  1. Wordweb dictionary, download from here: http://wordweb.info/free/
  2. Watch Sherlock Holms every day, one episode. Download from here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZaDfTP7zohQ&list=PLzovi87vDfzJGGoYv7u4FDQpoYduhoMf_

How to study:

  1. Read at the least five pages every day, in the order of listed readings, order of readings is very important, don’t violate it. Use WordWeb dictionary only when you are not able to make meaning of the sentence; don’t bother about single words.
  2. Watch one episode of Sherlock Holms every day. Don’t worry if you don’t understand in the beginning; just keep at it, don’t give up. When finished start again from the beginning.
  3. In the last month of the course Read-aloud the whole of Reading 2 listed above.
  4. Find 2-3 friends with whom you can talk about this course and your experiences in it. Talk to them about it as often as you can, not necessarily in English, talk in the language you are most comfortable with.
  5. Send weekly report to me in the following format (in English):
    1. Name: ……. Date Registered: …….. Highest Educational Qualification: ……..
    2. This is Week number: ……. Since you begin the course.
    3. Week: Beginning date: ….. End date: …….
    4. Number of days you worked on the course in this week: …..
    5. Reading name: …….
    6. Minimum Number of pages you read in a day: ….
    7. Maximum Number of the pages you read in a day: …..
    8. Total pages you read in the week: …..
    9. Total episodes of Sherlock Holms you watched in the the week: ….
    10. Difficulties if any:
      1. In reading: …..
      2. In watching: ….
    11. How many times did you discuss your experience during the week? ………..
  6. Send a 1500 word report at the end of 5th month to me. In this report write whatever you want and in whatever format you want.