Can a US court summon Manmohan Singh?

May 4, 2014

Rohit Dhankar

A few months back we read in newspapers that a US court has summoned Sonia Gandhi in case filed by Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) in which she is accused of protecting those who were involved in killings of Sikhs in 1984.

Today I came across another news item: “The Washington federal court had issued summons against Manmohan Singh during his September 2013 visit to Washington on a plea by Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) accusing him of “funding crimes against humanity perpetrated upon the Sikh community in India”.

This is a matter of national sovereignty; therefore the issue of what one thinks of Sonia Gandhi and Man Mohan Singh is irrelevant.

The question which comes to my mind is: under what international law can US court summon such warrants? Or is it under some US law? If the later, do US laws have jurisdiction over Indian territory? Is it interference in internal matters of India?

Supposing it is legal under some international law or under some US law, then can an Indian court admit a plea against Obama and issue summons to him?

The kind of ground on which Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh are summoned are aplenty against Obama. Actually I have a better grounds. Consider this:
1. This is well known that USA gives huge grants to Pakistan, in terms of money and arms.
2. US grants definitely require approval from US President.
3. Part of this grant is certainly used by Pakistani military and ISI.
4. ISI of Pakistan trained the terrorists who attacked Mumbai on 26/11/2008.

Therefore, Obama is responsible for Mumbai attacks.

Can I file a case against Obama in this matter in a Bangalore or Jaipur court?

Can someone please share authentic legal information on these questions?